The Secret of Love: A Glimpse into the Mys­ti­cal Wis­dom of Rav Kook

  • From the Publisher
January 8, 2023

All of the Torah — ethics, mitzvot, learn­ing, and prac­tice — come to remove the obsta­cles that pre­vent anall-encom­pass­ing love from expand­ing and spread­ing­to every cor­ner of life, everywhere.”-Rabbi Avra­ham Yitzchak HaCo­hen Kook

This is a book about love, about how to become a more lov­ing human being. How to love our­selves, our fam­i­lies, our com­mu­ni­ties, oth­er human beings and every cell of cre­ation — more. It has been inspired by the writ­ings of the con­tem­po­rary mys­tic, Rab­bi Avra­ham Yitzchak HaCo­hen Kook. Accord­ing to Rav Kook, love flows from our souls. Love brings one­ness into the world. Becom­ing a lov­ing per­son is the goal of liv­ing in the Image of God. I love all.” Rav Kook writes. I can­not not love all peo­ple. The Torah is love”.

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