• From the Publisher
May 16, 2015

The Koren Rosh HaShana Mah­zor, nusah Ashke­naz is a prayer book with trans­la­tion and com­men­tary by Rab­bi Jonathan Sacks. The Mah­zor mar­ries the insight and elo­quence of Rab­bi Sacks with the renowned graph­ic approach of Koren Pub­lish­ers Jerusalem. An invalu­able intro­duc­tion guides you through the themes of the day. A bril­liant com­men­tary blends insights from Tanakh and clas­si­cal sources with Rab­bi Sacks’ keen obser­va­tions. An elo­quent, con­tem­po­rary trans­la­tion makes the prayers acces­si­ble and mean­ing­ful. A sophis­ti­cat­ed design brings out the pow­er and poet­ry of the text. The Koren Sacks Rosh HaShana Mah­zor enables you to enter the true spir­it of Rosh HaShana and emerge into the new year renewed.

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