In Case You Get Hit by a Bus: A Plan to Orga­nize Your Life Now for When You’re Not Around Later

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2019

Sad­ly, too many peo­ple have had the expe­ri­ence of Abby Schnei­der­man: Her broth­er was killed in a car acci­dent, and the fam­i­ly was left with no idea of what he want­ed, he had­n’t left any plans behind. No will, no health proxy, and no one, includ­ing his wife, knew his pass­words. Out of this tragedy came the focus of Ever­plans, a dig­i­tal com­pa­ny that Abby co-found­ed to help peo­ple of all ages orga­nize their lives and lega­cy now, so that their loved ones won’t have to lat­er. Draw­ing on the wealth of expe­ri­ence from Abby and the Ever­plans team, this book presents a clear­ly designed and easy-to-fol­low pro­gram to help even the most dis­or­ga­nized read­er take con­trol of mod­ern life’s bur­geon­ing mess of on- and off-line details. Break­ing the job down into three lev­els, from the most urgent (grant­i­ng access to pass­words, out­lin­ing a finan­cial blue­print) to the tech­ni­cal (cre­at­ing a man­u­al for the sys­tems in your home) to the nos­tal­gic (assem­bling a liv­ing mem­o­ry com­plete with pho­tos, recipes, sig­nif­i­cant sto­ries), In Case You Get Hit by a Bus takes the anx­i­ety and stress out of putting your life in order. With a wealth of infor­ma­tion to cov­er just about any con­tin­gency, it will help you leave the best part­ing gift you could ever imagine.

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