Chutz­pah & High Heels

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May 16, 2017

Jes­si­ca Fish­man gave up the calm­ness of the Mid­west to move to a land full of idio­syn­crasies, ter­ror­ists, and beau­ti­ful, olive-skinned men in the Mid­dle East.

When she arrived to Israel, she was a young wide-eyed immi­grant hop­ing to live off Zion­ism in the land of milk and hon­ey. How­ev­er, she quick­ly real­ized that life in Israel was more difficult.

Instead of falling in love with a strong, yet sen­si­tive Israeli at a Kib­butz, Jes­si­ca fights bureau­cra­cy worse than FEMA’s, embar­rass­es her­self with kinder­garten-lev­el Hebrew, serves in an army in which she can babysat her com­man­ders, works under boss­es who make Ahmadine­jad seem like a peace­mak­er, and dates Israelis who make Hamas ter­ror­ists seem like hus­band material.

How­ev­er, her most dif­fi­cult obsta­cle, that will shake her to the core of her iden­ti­ty, is root­ed in the very essence that brought her to the Jew­ish homeland.

With wit, sar­casm, and self-dep­re­cat­ing humor, Jes­si­ca takes us on a jour­ney through her embar­rass­ing and dif­fi­cult moments and gives a nev­er-before-seen snap shot of Israeli cul­ture from the inside.

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