Paper Brigade Vol­ume Two


Fea­tur­ing Nicole Krauss, Dara Horn, and Rab­bi David Wolpe, plus a Jew­ish lit­er­ary map of Latin Amer­i­ca, beau­ti­ful pho­tog­ra­phy, and more. 

Issue two is cur­rent­ly out of print.


Ets Haim
Rachel Kadish

The End
Tova Mirvis

The Golem’s Metamorphosis
Maya Barzi­lai 

The Brush and the Sword
Irvin Ungar 

Between Amer­i­ca and Israel
Ari Hoff­man

The­ses on the Phi­los­o­phy of Wal­ter Benjamin
Julia Alek­seye­va 

Com­ments on Commentary
David Wolpe 

The Let­ters Fly Free
Dara Horn

Alter­na­tive Homelands
David Samuel Levinson 

From Walt Whit­man to the Span­ish Civ­il War
Gol­da van der Meer 

So You Want to Write a Jew­ish Cookbook
Shan­non Sarna 

The (Jew­ish) His­to­ry of the Amer­i­can Com­ic Book
Julian Voloj 

A Gol­da for Our Time
Francine Klags­brun 

Men­sches, Per­verts, and Gangsters
Robert Sharenow

The Mind-Body Prob­lem After Thir­ty-Five Years
Rebec­ca New­berg­er Goldstein 

Read­ing the Rabbis
Ilana Kur­shan 

The Pros­en­Peo­ple

How Jew­ish Was Ernes­tine Rose?
Bon­nie S. Anderson 

How I Learned (or Didn’t) To Be a Diplo­mat­ic Wife
Lyn­da Schuster 

The Crimes of a Writer
Ayelet Gun­dar-Goshen 

Tak­ing Jews to the Beach
Jamie Bren­ner

The Return of Stolen Property
Anders Rydell 

I’m an Irish Molly
Mol­ly Peacock 

Like Father, Like Son
Richard Michel­son 


Bel­la Shaier, trans­lat­ed by Antho­ny Berris 


The Mag­nif­i­cent Esme Wells
Adri­enne Sharp 

A Sim­ple Girl
Ayelet Tsabari

The Son of Black Thursday
Ale­jan­dro Jodor­owsky, trans­lat­ed by Megan McDow­ell 


Ilan Sta­vans 

A Jew­ish Lit­er­ary Map of Latin America
Kather­ine Mes­sen­ger, Bec­ca Kantor 


Stephen Tobolowsky and Chris Kraus
with Lou Cove, Emi­ly Stone 

Dave Bar­ry, Alan Zweibel, and Adam Mansbach
with Jere­my Dauber 

Nicole Krauss
with Ben­jamin Balint 


Jew­ish Trea­sures of the Caribbean
Wyatt Gallery 

Har­ry Borden 


Uni­ver­sal Symbol
Yehoshua Novem­ber 

From the Archives
Hyam Plutzik

Sami Rohr Prize for Jew­ish Literature

Idra Novey 

Daniel Tor­day 

Paul Gold­berg 

Adam Ehrlich Sachs 

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