Post­ed by Dani Crickman

JBC is off to Israel for next week’s Jerusalem Inter­na­tion­al Book Fair, and I’m fac­ing my usu­al pack­ing dilem­ma: how to cram all the books I want to take into my luggage. 

Hope you’re read­ing too and will join us. Wednes­day, March 2nd, 12:301:15 pm EST#JBC­Bookswith­out exceed­ing the weight lim­it. With the steady suc­cess of e‑readers, this is quick­ly becom­ing a prob­lem of the past for many, but it’s still very much a con­cern for those of us a lit­tle slow­er on the uptake. One book, at least, in the already too-tall stack is a def­i­nite: I’m tak­ing Andrew Winer’s The Mar­riage Artist in prepa­ra­tion for our upcom­ing Twit­ter Book Club.