Post­ed by Dani Crickman

David Lehman, author of A Fine Romance: Jew­ish Song­writ­ers, Amer­i­can Songs, wrote to us with some excit­ing news:

My book A Fine Romance: Jew­ish Song­writ­ers, Amer­i­can Songs has won a 2010 Deems Tay­lor Award from ASCAP (the Amer­i­can Soci­ety of Com­posers, Authors, and Pub­lish­ers). I have known for a cou­ple of weeks but was urged to tell no one until near­er the date of the offi­cial announce­ment. It was dif­fi­cult keep­ing this excit­ing news to myself.

I’ve got a feel­ing you’re fool­ing,” I said when the guy from ASCAP called. I was sure he was mouthing lit­tle white lies. But True Blue Lou was on the lev­el. My heart stood still, and now I’m sit­ting on top of the world, which I’ve got on a string.

Con­grats, David!

Here’s a great video of David speak­ing about the book at Jew­ish Book Week 2010.

A Fine Romance: Jew­ish Song­writ­ers, Amer­i­can Songs from Dan­ny Bermant on Vimeo.