Weigh Your Words and Throw Away Your Scale

Glo­ria David­son, Hope Stanger

  • From the Publisher
May 16, 2016

Weigh Your Words and Throw Away Your Scale! is a small book for Jew­ish women to car­ry with them as a moti­va­tion­al tool through­out the day, regard­less of what­ev­er food plan they choose. It’s designed to sup­port them in break­ing the cycle of weight loss and weight gain. Using new cog­ni­tive-behav­ioral tech­niques that uti­lize pow­er of pos­i­tive speak­ing to cre­ate change in our think­ing and actions, Weigh Your Words is a 26-day plan to help women strug­gling with their food, bod­ies, and weight believe and see that change is sim­ple, doable and joy­ful. Once the 26 days are com­plete, a woman can go back to the begin­ning to give her­self ongo­ing sup­port while she meets her goals; shift­ing her thoughts into pos­i­tive beliefs and weight-loss suc­cess. Com­plete with healthy plant-based recipes and nutri­tion­al action steps, Weigh Your Words and Throw Away Your Scale! is a Jew­ish wom­an’s per­son­al cheer­leader; a best friend to turn to dur­ing dif­fi­cult moments to help her say, I can!”

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