• From the Publisher
September 1, 2020

When every­one has a brain-inter­fac­ing track­ing chip, one glitch threat­ens the entire net­work. Kaya Weiss is that glitch.

Through thoughts and blinks, Kaya can access any­one or any­thing on the track­er net­work. But the author­i­ties mon­i­tor every­thing – where Kaya goes, who she talks to, and what she search­es. And with­out the abil­i­ty to turn it off, Kaya and her fam­i­ly can’t observe a tech-free Shab­bat. To fix the glitch, the author­i­ties slice into her skull to reset her track­er, leav­ing Kaya to ques­tion more than the sys­tem’s inva­sion into her faith.

Kaya won’t be a lab rat again.

Evad­ing the author­i­ties requires some seri­ous tech skills the rogue under­ground Ghosts can offer. But Kaya’s not sure she can trust them – even if their top tech wiz, Bailen, has inter­est in her run­ning deep­er than her bum track­er. Kaya must decide if gain­ing free­dom is worth los­ing her track­er’s infi­nite knowl­edge‚ because to take down the track­er net­work, she must betray the only tech she’s ever known.

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