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September 1, 2021
The Yaga sib­lings — Bel­la­tine, a young wood­work­er, and Isaac, an actor and con artist — have been estranged since child­hood. But when they receive a mys­te­ri­ous inher­i­tance from their twice-great grand­moth­er in Rus­sia, the sib­lings reunite — only to dis­cov­er that their bequest isn’t land or mon­ey, but some­thing far stranger: a sen­tient house on chick­en legs. Thistle­foot, as the house is called, has not arrived alone. A sin­is­ter fig­ure known only as the Long­shad­ow Man has tracked it to Amer­i­can shores, bear­ing vio­lent gen­er­a­tional secrets. As the Yagas embark with Thistle­foot on a final tour of their family’s trav­el­ing the­ater show, the Long­shad­ow Man fol­lows in destruc­tive pur­suit — until time, mag­ic, and lega­cy must inevitably col­lide. An enchant­ed adven­ture illu­mi­nat­ed by Jew­ish myth and adorned with lyri­cal prose as sweet as bri­ar berries, Thistle­foot is an immer­sive mod­ern fan­ta­sy saga by a bold new talent.

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