The Muse­um of Lost Teeth

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September 1, 2021

Toothy lives in Liam’s mouth next to his best friend Fang. He’s a good tooth — spark­ly and strong, and he loves doing the floss.

One day, Toothy notices that he is loose and pan­ics! Where will he go after he leaves his com­fy spot next to Fang? After a crunchy apple seals the deal, Toothy is tucked under Liam’s pil­low. When the Tooth Fairy appears, she takes Toothy to the Muse­um of Lost Teeth. It’s a more incred­i­ble place than Toothy could have ever imag­ined. It’s filled with new friends and fun activ­i­ties like Tooth or Dare! Toothy finds a new home on the Firsts Floor, where first baby teeth are proud­ly displayed.

In the tra­di­tion of School’s First Day of School, The Muse­um of Lost Teeth answers the ques­tion, Where do all the lost teeth go?” in this unex­pect­ed and hilar­i­ous pic­ture book.

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