The Mir­a­cle of the Gold­en Dove and Oth­er Stories

Genen­del Krohn; Tova Katz, illus.
  • Review
By – September 1, 2011
In the par­ents’ note at the begin­ning of the The Mir­a­cle of the Gold­en Dove and Oth­er Sto­ries, author Grenen­del Krohn states that the pur­pose of this book is to teach chil­dren good midos (char­ac­ter traits) through clas­sic sto­ries of chaz­al (our sages). Each of the fif­teen inter­est­ing short sto­ries (two over­size pages) is accom­pa­nied by a delight­ful full page col­or illus­tra­tion depict­ing the char­ac­ters and set­ting of the sto­ry. A glos­sary of Hebrew and Yid­dish terms and the source of each sto­ry are includ­ed. A preachy para­graph at the end of each sto­ry informs the par­ent which Jew­ish val­ue or char­ac­ter trait the sto­ry is designed to teach. The sto­ries are short enough to hold a young child’s atten­tion and each of Tova Katz’s vibrant draw­ings of sages, Roman emper­ors, sol­diers, poor and rich peo­ple, a bustling mar­ket place, a palace and an ancient seder table bring the text to life. Suit­able for ages 5 – 10.
Ilka Gor­don has a Mas­ters in Edu­ca­tion from Boston Uni­ver­si­ty and an M.L.I.S. from Kent State Uni­ver­si­ty. She is a librar­i­an at Sie­gal Col­lege of Juda­ic Stud­ies in Cleveland.

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