The Mas­ter of the Lad­der: The Life and Teach­ings of Rab­bi Yehu­dah Leib Ashlag

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September 1, 2019

For hun­dreds of years, the Kab­bal­ah had been closed to all but a few. It was in the 20th cen­tu­ry that Rab­bi Yehu­dah Leib Ash­lag opened this spir­i­tu­al trea­sure for us all. He became known as Baal HaSu­lam, Mas­ter of the Lad­der,” after the name of his great com­men­tary on the Zohar, the cen­tral work of Kab­bal­ah. The study of Kab­bal­ah opens us to a spir­i­tu­al path that is both Jew­ish and uni­ver­sal as it con­nects soul with Source. Rab­bi Ash­lag taught the impor­tance of unit­ing inner inten­tion with out­ward action; and that the revealed Torah needs to join with the hid­den Torah, Kab­bal­ah. The Mas­ter of the Lad­der brings you Rab­bi Ash­lag’s life, told through his let­ters, his poems, and through encoun­ters with his stu­dents. It is a tale that enables you to expe­ri­ence the depth and beau­ty of a Torah-inspired life. You, too, can feel the pas­sion that filled Rab­bi Ash­lag’s heart and soul. Invit­ing you into the heart of Torah, The Mas­ter of the Lad­der enables you to dis­cov­er your own heart.

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