The Late­com­er

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September 1, 2021

The Late­com­er fol­lows the wealthy, New York City based Oppen­heimer fam­i­ly, from the first meet­ing of par­ents Salo and Johan­na to their triplets born dur­ing the ear­ly days of IVF. Har­ri­son, Lewyn, and Sal­ly are reared with every advan­tage, and yet, the three sib­lings can­not wait to go their sep­a­rate ways, espe­cial­ly as their father becomes more dis­tanced and their moth­er more des­per­ate. As the triplets pre­pare to leave for col­lege, Johan­na, faced with being tru­ly alone, makes the fate­ful deci­sion to bring a fourth child, the late­com­er,” into the world.

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