The Last Woman Standing

  • From the Publisher
May 3, 2016

Two decades after the Civ­il War, Josephine Mar­cus, the teenage daugh­ter of Jew­ish immi­grants, is lured west with the promise of mar­riage to John­ny Behan, one of Ari­zon­a’s famous law­men. She leaves her San Fran­cis­co home to join Behan in Tomb­stone, Ari­zona, a mag­net for min­ers (and out­laws) attract­ed by the sil­ver boom. Though unit­ed by the glint of met­al, Tomb­stone is plagued by divid­ed loy­al­ties: between Con­fed­er­ates and Union­ists, Lin­coln Repub­li­cans and Democrats.

But when the sil­ver-tongued Behan proves unre­li­able, it is leg­endary fron­tiers­man Wyatt Earp, who emerges as Josephine’s match. As the cou­ple’s romance sparks, Behan’s jeal­ousy ignites a rival­ry des­tined for the his­to­ry books.

At once an epic account of an improb­a­ble romance and a retelling of an icon­ic Amer­i­can tale, The Last Woman Stand­ing reimag­ines the famed gun­fight at the O.K. Cor­ral through the eyes of a spunky hero­ine who sought her hap­py end­ing in a law­less out­post with a fierce will and an unflag­ging spirit.

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