The End of Bias: A Beginning

September 1, 2021

The End of Bias is a trans­for­ma­tive, ground­break­ing explo­ration into how we can erad­i­cate unin­ten­tion­al bias and dis­crim­i­na­tion, the great chal­lenge of our age. Uncon­scious bias: per­sis­tent, unin­ten­tion­al prej­u­diced behav­ior that clash­es with our con­scious­ly held beliefs. We know that it exists, to cor­ro­sive and even lethal effect. We see it in med­i­cine, the work­place, edu­ca­tion, polic­ing, and beyond. But when it comes to uproot­ing our prej­u­dices, we still have far to go.

With nuance, com­pas­sion, and ten years’ immer­sion in the top­ic, Jes­si­ca Nordell weaves grip­ping sto­ries with sci­en­tif­ic research to reveal how minds, hearts, and behav­iors change. She scru­ti­nizes diver­si­ty train­ing, deployed across the land as a cor­rec­tive but with incon­sis­tent results. She explores what works and why: the diag­nos­tic check­list used by doc­tors at Johns Hop­kins Hos­pi­tal that elim­i­nat­ed dis­parate treat­ment of men and women; the preschool in Swe­den where teach­ers found inge­nious ways to uproot gen­der stereo­typ­ing; the police unit in Ore­gon where the prac­tice of mind­ful­ness and spe­cial­ized train­ing has coin­cid­ed with a star­tling drop in the use of force.

Cap­ti­vat­ing, direct, and trans­for­ma­tive, The End of Bias: A Begin­ning brings good news. Biased behav­ior can change; the approach­es out­lined here show how we can begin to remake our­selves and our world.

Final­ist for the NYPL Helen Bern­stein Award for Excel­lence in Jour­nal­ism, The Lukas Book Price, and The Roy­al Soci­ety Sci­ence Book Prize

2022 Nau­tilus Book Award Sil­ver Medal *Amer­i­can Soci­ety of Jour­nal­ists and Authors Hon­or­able Men­tion in Gen­er­al Nonfiction 

Names a Best Book of the Year by World Eco­nom­ic Forum, AARP, Greater Good, and INC

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