The Dancer and the Dance: Essays on Skep­ti­cism and the Search for Meaning

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September 1, 2021

Can a seek­er also be a skep­tic? Can one believe with­out renounc­ing the respon­si­bil­i­ty to doubt? These eight essays argue that the answer is yes. Through deep explo­rations of a wide vari­ety of texts — bib­li­cal, tal­mu­dic, lit­er­ary, mys­ti­cal and philo­soph­i­cal –they make the case that the most authen­tic way to search for mean­ing today is not to sup­press our skep­ti­cism but to inten­si­fy it, not to give up our doubts but to sharp­en them. In a bit­ter­ly polar­ized world, these essays offer a mid­dle way. They insist that we need not choose between reli­gious search­ing and crit­i­cal think­ing. At the far side of skep­ti­cism, the two paths converge.

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