The Bomb Squad: Clash of the Patriots

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September 1, 2019

At the stroke of mid­night, a dev­as­tat­ing explo­sion at Black Tom Island, an arma­ments depot, rocks New York City awake; and so begins this sto­ry of two patri­ots in World War I, each will­ing to put his life on the line in order to achieve a glo­ri­ous vic­to­ry for his cause. Serv­ing the Father­land is Dr. Harold Schwartz, admin­is­tra­tor of the pres­ti­gious Ellis Island Immi­grant Hos­pi­tal and a Ger­man spy. Along with his father, a deal­er in lethal weapons and a life­long friend of Kaiser Wil­helm, Schwartz is hell-bent on dis­tract­ing the Amer­i­cans from enter­ing the war. Mean­while, the British Secret Intel­li­gence Ser­vice recruits high­ly regard­ed New York City police detec­tive Max Roth­man to assem­ble a team of Ger­man-speak­ing spe­cial­ists, known as the Bomb Squad. Their mis­sion is to inves­ti­gate the sud­den surge of Ger­man espi­onage activ­i­ty wreak­ing hav­oc along the East­ern Seaboard and among steamships attempt­ing to cross the Atlantic. The Bomb Squad fol­lows these men’s exploits through an inter­con­nect­ing tale of love, loss, friend­ship, and betray­al, stretch­ing from Amer­i­can shores to the epi­cen­ter of Ger­man pow­er dur­ing a time when the world is at war.

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