Moses in the Sinai

  • From the Publisher
March 24, 2022

Moses in the Sinai rewrites the books of Exo­dus and Num­bers by way of The Ara­bi­an Nights, Nikos Kazantza­kis, and Cecil B. DeMille. It makes gen­er­ous use of myth and his­to­ry, ancient and con­tem­po­rary. The Hebrews of the nov­el are a var­ied mob of out­laws, magi­cians, sor­cer­ers, aris­to­crats, and idol­a­tors, all con­tent with being slaves. Moses must lead them into the Sinai against their will in the hope of serv­ing a God whose very iden­ti­ty he doubts. The Hebrews of this his­tor­i­cal and imag­i­na­tive nov­el inhab­it a world where chil­dren are born in cook­ing pots, meat rains from the sky, fish talk, and prophe­cies come true. It is a world where human emo­tion can take mirac­u­lous forms. Moses in the Sinai is full of such miracles.

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