Me, My Self­ie & Eye: A Midlife Con­ver­sa­tion About Lost Iden­ti­ty, Grief, and See­ing Who You Are

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September 1, 2019

Who am I?” is per­haps the most asked ques­tion in midlife. Me, My Self­ie & Eye: A Midlife Con­ver­sa­tion About Lost Iden­ti­ty, Grief and See­ing Who You Are is a time­ly book that was writ­ten to con­nect, con­sole, and encour­age any­one in the throes of midlife iden­ti­ty con­fu­sion. Jan­na Lopez, a Jew­ish author, explores through a prac­ti­cal updat­ed con­ver­sa­tion the process of midlife upheaval. She cites grief as the main cul­prit, espe­cial­ly when every­thing we believed as true about our­selves becomes uncertain.

Viewed from a reveal­ing first-per­son expe­ri­ence, this book draws a con­trast between a wide­ly known spir­i­tu­al jour­ney, a Dark Night of the Soul, and what’s instead referred to as a more accu­rate por­tray­al, a Dark Flight of the Self. Using straight­for­ward con­cepts, reflec­tions, and some­times twist­ed humor, this book offers read­ers insights to see them­selves and midlife iden­ti­ty dis­man­tling, as a means to move forward.

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