• From the Publisher
May 16, 2017

A cook­book from the pre­em­i­nent fine Kosher food com­pa­ny Stre­it’s with Jew­ish recipes for enjoy­ing mat­zo dur­ing the eight days of Passover and all year long. Mat­zo and the sto­ry of its cre­ation are the cen­ter­piece of both the meals and the obser­vance of Passover; it is eat­en in place of bread and oth­er leav­ened prod­ucts for the hol­i­day’s eight day dura­tion. Michele (Mikie) Heil­brun is the co-own­er of Stre­it’s one of the top two mat­zo com­pa­nies in the world. Now she is shar­ing 35 recipes — both from her fam­i­ly and fresh favorites— for ways to cook with mat­zo that are so good read­ers will want to make them all year round. Dish­es like Mat­zo Gra­nola, Cae­sar Sal­ad with Mat­zo Crou­tons, and Mat­zo Spaniko­pi­ta show read­ers just how deli­cious and ver­sa­tile this ingre­di­ent can be. With its bright pho­tog­ra­phy and fun pack­age, this book is sure to become an instant seder (and any­time) must-have.

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