Liv­ing in the Present Moment: A Divine Design

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2019

Liv­ing in the Present Moment: A Divine Design uses time­less Jew­ish tra­di­tions to guide the read­er in explor­ing ancient insights into how to live in the present with joy and hap­pi­ness. Jew­ish hol­i­days and com­mon mitzvot are mined for their dis­tinc­tive abil­i­ties to use our mem­o­ry to har­ness wis­dom from the past and our imag­i­na­tion to cre­ate hope­ful visions of the future. Learn­ing how to let go of painful regret from the past and of immo­bi­liz­ing fear of the future lets the read­er rec­og­nize and appre­ci­ate the Divine design our Cre­ator intend­ed for us. Oth­er philoso­phies advo­cate sim­plis­ti­cal­ly let­ting go of the past and not think­ing about the future. The wis­er course, based on Jew­ish ideals, is described in this book. Designed with sec­tions rel­e­vant to spe­cif­ic events and chal­lenges we face in the course of dai­ly liv­ing, the guid­ance offered is at once poten­tial­ly trans­for­ma­tive but also ground­ed and down-to-earth. Liv­ing in the Present Moment will become a com­pan­ion that invites the read­er to return again and again for insight and inspiration.

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