Kasper Mützen­macher’s Cursed Hat (Life Indi­go, Book 1)

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May 16, 2017

Berlin 1923. Jew­ish hat­mak­er Kasper Mutzenmacher’s care­free life of fedo­ras, jazz, and booze comes to a screech­ing halt when he must use the god Hermes’s wish­ing hat, ” a tele­por­ta­tion device, to res­cue his flap­per girl­friend from the shad­owy Klaus, a veil-wear­ing Nazi who brain­wash­es his vic­tims until they can’t see their own faces. Klaus even­tu­al­ly dis­cov­ers the wish­ing hat’s exis­tence and steals it on Kristall­nacht. But even if Kasper gets back the hat and spir­its his fam­i­ly to Amer­i­ca, they won’t be safe until they break the ancient curse that has trapped them in the hat busi­ness for six­teen cen­turies. Book One of the Life Indi­go series, Kasper Mutzenmacher’s Cursed Hat is a fan­tas­ti­cal fam­i­ly saga about tra­di­tion, faith, and iden­ti­ty, set dur­ing the Jazz Age, Nazi Ger­many, and the Detroit race riots of 1943.

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