Inside the Torah: Nar­ra­tive, Inter­pre­ta­tion, and Mys­ti­cal Meanings

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September 1, 2020

God gave the Torah to Moses and our ances­tors at Mount Sinai thou­sands of years ago. Rab­bi Char­na Klein con­tin­ues the tra­di­tion in this schol­ar­ly work, inter­pret­ing the Torah’s fifty-four chap­ters. Klein presents inter­pre­ta­tions from ancient sages to mod­ern com­menters and adds orig­i­nal inter­pre­ta­tions on impor­tant top­ics such as cre­ation, evo­lu­tion, cul­tur­al and soci­etal devel­op­ment, gen­der and sex­u­al diver­si­ty, and oth­ers. The analy­sis of Hebrew words, their numer­ic val­u­a­tion (gema­tria), and the Torah codes is rev­e­la­to­ry. The author applies sci­en­tif­ic lens­es from physics to anthro­pol­o­gy and arche­ol­o­gy demon­strat­ing the com­pa­ra­bil­i­ty of Torah and sci­en­tif­ic knowl­edge and con­cepts. Rab­bi Klein explains the con­cepts of Kab­bal­ah to reveal deep mys­ti­cal struc­tures and mean­ings embed­ded in the Torah text.

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