How Luck Hap­pens: Using the Sci­ence of Luck to Trans­form Work, Love, and Life

  • From the Publisher
March 29, 2018

On hap­py occas­sions we wish each oth­er mazel tov” and when we want some­thing good to hap­pen we hope that we have a lit­tle mazel,” or luck. But good luck does­n’t just drop from the sky. All of us have more con­trol over our futures than we some­times real­ize. It turns out that luck occurs at the inter­sec­tion of chance, tal­ent, and hard work – and this help­ful and enter­tain­ing book offers break­through insights on how you can cre­ate more luck in love and mar­riage, career, health, and fam­i­ly rela­tion­ships. Want to get lucky? Here’s how to tip the scales of for­tune in your favor.

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