Gina from Siberia

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January 1, 2013

Gina, a ter­ri­er, loves to play in the pine forests of her home in Novosi­birsk. But one day her human fam­i­ly tells her they must leave their home right away. They set off on a long jour­ney by bus, plane, and train, and arrive in New York City. The snow is gray, the oth­er dogs sound fun­ny, and a mon­ster rum­bles beneath the side­walk. Gina hides in her family’s apart­ment, sure she’ll nev­er be hap­py again. Then a big friend­ly dog named Vic­tor shows her around the city, and every­thing begins to change.
Inspired by the true sto­ry of a fam­i­ly of Jew­ish immi­grants deter­mined to bring their beloved dog with them when they left the for­mer Sovi­et Union — at one point even dress­ing her up as a baby—Gina from Siberia is a time­ly sto­ry about upheaval and immi­gra­tion and the process of find­ing home in a very dif­fer­ent place.

Moth­er-daugh­ter writ­ing team Jane Bern­stein and Char­lotte Glynn worked with Moscow-based artist Anna Desnit­skaya to bring Gina’s sto­ry to life in full color.

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