Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life

  • From the Publisher
May 16, 2017

Do you want to be known as a tremen­dous tal­ent or a scaredy cat afraid of your own shad­ow? The choice is real­ly yours! Take it from a guy who — with­out a col­lege degree — mor­phed from a temp answer­ing phones to a CEO of his own com­pa­ny in New York City, sim­ply because he found the will to get out of his own way and embrace a fear­less take-charge spir­it ready for suc­cess. Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life: 10 Tips to Shift Gears Dream Big Do it Now! is a no-non­sense hand­book for any­one yearn­ing for a bet­ter life, a more sat­is­fy­ing career, or just plain itch­ing to shake it all up. Through the author’s extra­or­di­nary back­sto­ry that is pep­pered through­out this com­pact man­u­al, Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life will help you to over­come per­son­al obsta­cles, fears, and stereo­types to make your inner­most goals and dreams explode.

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