Ethel’s Song: Ethel Rosen­berg’s Life in Poems

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

Con­vict­ed trai­tor and sus­pect­ed Sovi­et spy Ethel Rosen­berg shares the sto­ry of her beliefs, loves, secrets, betray­als, and injus­tices in this com­pelling YA nov­el in verse.

In 1953, Ethel Rosen­berg, a devot­ed wife and lov­ing moth­er, faces the elec­tric chair. Peo­ple say she’s a spy, a Com­mu­nist, a trai­tor, a red. How did she get here? In a series of heart-wrench­ing poems, Ethel tells her sto­ry. The child of Jew­ish immi­grants, Ethel Green­glass grows up on New York City’s Low­er East Side. She dreams of being an actress and a singer but ends romance and excite­ment in the arms of the charm­ing Julius Rosen­berg. Both are ardent sup­port­ers of rights for work­ers, but are they spies? Who is pass­ing atom­ic secrets to the Sovi­ets? Why does every­one seem out to get them?

This first book for young read­ers about Ethel Rosen­berg is a fas­ci­nat­ing por­trait of a com­mon­ly mis­un­der­stood fig­ure from Amer­i­can his­to­ry, and vivid­ly relates a sto­ry that con­tin­ues to have rel­e­vance today.

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