Crap at My Par­ents’ House

Joel Dovev
  • Review
By – May 2, 2012

We all know the feel­ing: mak­ing a home­com­ing vis­it only to wan­der through the rooms of your child­hood home and won­der, what is that? Based on his pop­u­lar Crap at My Par­ents’ House blog, come­di­an Joel Dovev com­piled and pub­lished the best sub­mis­sions for ques­tion­able parental dec­o­rat­ing choic­es.

In these pages, orga­nized by room func­tion, you’ll find clowns, gnomes, and a room­ful of Raggedy Andy dolls. Replete with pithy, irrev­er­ent, and some­times polit­i­cal­ly incor­rect cap­tions, Dovev main­tains a run­ning com­men­tary on the read­er-sub­mit­ted pho­tographs that immor­tal­ize the crap and oth­er objects found at baby boomer abodes. 

Discussion Questions