Camp Quilt­bag

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

Twelve-year-old Abi­gail (she/​her/​hers) is so excit­ed to spend her sum­mer at Camp Quilt­bag, an inclu­sive retreat for queer and trans kids. She can’t wait to find a com­mu­ni­ty where she can be her­self — and, she hopes, admit her crush on that one hot old­er actress to kids who will understand.

Thir­teen-year-old Kai (e/​em/​eir) is not as excit­ed. E just wants to hang out with eir best friend and eir park­our team. And e def­i­nite­ly does not want to think about the inci­dent that left eir arm in a sling — the inci­dent that also made Kai’s par­ents deter­mined to send em some­where e can feel like emself.

After a bit of a rocky start at camp, Abi­gail and Kai make a pact: If Kai helps Abi­gail make new friends, Abi­gail will help Kai’s cab­in with the all-camp com­pe­ti­tion. But as they nav­i­gate a sum­mer full of crush­es, queer iden­ti­ty explo­ration, and more, they learn what’s real­ly impor­tant. Camp Quilt­bag is a heart­felt sto­ry full of the joy that comes from being and lov­ing yourself.

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