Al Franken Giant of the Senate

  • From the Publisher
May 16, 2017

I was born in the house I built myself. I’m sor­ry. That’s not true. I got that from my offi­cial Sen­ate web­site. We real­ly should change that. So begins a book that has nev­er been writ­ten before, a book that no one else could write. It’s a book about an unlike­ly cam­paign that had an even more improb­a­ble end­ing: the clos­est out­come in his­to­ry and an unprece­dent­ed eight-month recount saga which was pret­ty fun­ny, but only in ret­ro­spect. It’s a book about what hap­pens when the nation’s fore­most pro­gres­sive satirist gets a chance to serve in the Unit­ed States Sen­ate and, to every­one’s sur­prise, actu­al­ly turns out to be good at it. And it’s a book about our oft-maligned, deeply-polar­ized, mon­ey-soaked, fre­quent­ly-depress­ing, occa­sion­al­ly-inspir­ing polit­i­cal cul­ture writ­ten from inside the bel­ly of the beast. Also there are jokes.

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